Refund Policy

If for any reason, NAC cancels the event, client may request a refund of paid amount or request to reschedule the event for another suitable day or time. If the event is delayed or cancelled due to force majeure, NAC shall reschedule the event after mutual consultation with the client. Client may request a refund before NAC starts making arrangements for the event (which is usually 15 days prior) however, after the club has started making the arrangements and paid its vendors, no refunds shall be made. If event is cancelled from client’s end, the following cancellation charges shall apply:
Cancellation Charges
Cancellation 30 Days Prior: 20% Cancellation Charges Apply
Cancellation 15 Days Prior: 50% Cancellation Charges Apply
Cancellation 07 Days Prior: 90% Cancellation Charges Apply
Cancellation within 07 Days 100% Cancellation Charges Apply

Waiver of Liability

All kinds of adventure sports and/or adventure travel carry a certain amount of risk. NAC makes its best efforts and takes all possible measures to minimize any risk element in its adventures & expeditions. However, the client/member/participant assumes all responsibility of risk associated with the activity he/she decides to carry out. Client agrees to discharge NAC, its management, partners, employees, contractors & all stake holders from any liability, in law and in equity, arising out of use or misuse of club’s equipment, vehicles or services resulting in any loss (financial or non-financial), injury or death.

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