Pakistan is renowned as a tourist haven with some of the most incredible vacation destinations in the world. However, the most well-known area for travel in Pakistan is the Northern Areas, which is a must visit. The trip to northern areas is full of breathtaking scenery, but what will make your time there genuinely unforgettable is the warmth of its people and the joy we had travelling there.

The nation offers so many natural beauties that it would be hard to find in many other countries. This blog intends to aware you of some of the best places to visit in Pakistan if you are a first-time traveler in 2023. Traveling in Pakistan is a genuinely unique experience; it may be challenging, illuminating, transformative, and, most frequently, surprising. Pakistan is the ideal backpacking location, so if you want genuine adventure, now is the time to visit!

1.    Skardu

Skardu is blessed with natural beauty in Pakistan. Having the full-blown experience with turquoise waters, towering mountains, exquisite lakes, and big-hearted people. Spend a couple of days touring the lovely Kachhura Village, a day in the Shangri-la Resort, and a morning in the Katpana village’s sand dunes.

You should definitely watch the dawn or sunset alongside the Indus River for an unforgettable experience. If you are a fan of history the 600-year-old Kharpocho Fort will keep you entertained for an entire day. Trekking around the glaciers to the basecamps of some of the world’s highest peaks, including K2, is a requisite for trekkers. A trip to the exotic Satpara Lake and Deosai National Park will round out your trip in the best way.

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2.    Kalash Valley

The Kalash people are a religious and ethnic group in Pakistan with its own beliefs, culture, and language. They live in the Kalash Valleys, which are made up of Bumboret, Rumbur, and Birir. The valleys they inhabit are undoubtedly some of Pakistan’s most breathtaking landscapes, both for their natural beauty and the beauty of the Kalash people that inhabit them.

Particularly beautiful is Rumbur Valley which is alongside the Kalash River, miles of rocky road and mountains rattle. Take a day to go all the way into the valley if you do decide to go to Rumbur. Sheikhandeh, the final Rumbur town, was once a Nuristani village whose residents relocated to Pakistan a couple hundred years ago.

3.    Hunza Valley

Pakistan’s breathtaking Hunza Valley is a must-see location. It’s practically a given that you’ve heard of Hunza if you’re a Pakistani or have read anything about the nation. Hunza is a sizable region made up of multiple valleys and communities, so don’t let the name “valley” fool you. Here are a some of Hunza’s most stunning attractions, which are all located along the old Silk Road: 

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  • Passu Cones
  • Attabad Lake
  • Eagle Nest

4.  Broghil Valley

Broghil Valley, which lies far to the north and near to Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, was formerly only reachable on foot or on horseback. The once-secret location is now accessible only by a perilous jeep route, yet it still only draws a few tourists during the few months when it is not covered in snow.

Right now, it’s unclear whether or not foreigners may travel to Broghil. (If you’re adamant, be careful to confirm before making the trip up there with the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Chitral.) However, Pakistanis, please check out this beauty! Many high-altitude lakes, yaks, and expansive green meadows may be found in the valley, which is surrounded by a majestic mountain range rising to a height of more than 13,000 feet.

Furthermore, you may reach Karambar Lake, one of the highest in the globe, after a day’s hike from Lashkargaz, the final settlement in Broghil!

5.    Shimshal

Shimshal Valley is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in Pakistan, despite being a bit more difficult to get to than some of the other locations on our list. The area is well renowned for being a top adventure destination, especially among climbers and mountaineers.

Shimshal, however, is not merely one of Pakistan’s most picturesque locations for thrill seekers. You may also plan shorter, easier excursions to adjacent yak pastures or just meander about and take in the breathtaking views and fields of mustard-yellow flowers.

6.    Naltar Valley, Gilgit

The sheer beauty and tranquil ambiance of this secluded valley is mesmerizing. Naltar is a must-visit because of its snow-white hills, sceneries, lakes, and infinite forests.

Naltar Valley converts into a skiing paradise in the winter. The Pakistan Air Force looks after the ski resort, which attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world.

7.    Fairy Meadows

Beautiful Fairy Meadows serves as the Nanga Parbat mountain range’s base camp. It is situated in Gilgit Baltistan’s Diamer district. Fairy Meadows is unquestionably one of Pakistan’s most beautiful spots, blessed with unrivalled beauty. You may get to this lovely location with verdant lakes and a breathtaking view of the snow-covered Nanga Parbat Mountain by hiking for approximately three hours.

The views are unmatched, and you may take in them from your log home while sipping on a hot beverage. Without a doubt, Fairy Meadows offers a fantastic glimpse into Pakistan’s unspoiled north.

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8.  Swat Valley

A lush alpine valley with a little settlement at its base. This breathtaking valley in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province seems like it belongs in a fairytale.

The area surrounding Kalam, which serves as a base to explore the grandeur of the valley, is where you may find Swat’s genuine beauty. Here are 3 locations in Swat Valley that you must visit:

  • Village of Boyun
  • Lakes Kandol and Spindhor
  • Forest of Ushu

9.    Neelum Valley

The Neelum Valley spreads over the small Himalayas, across the glorious scenery, eagle-eye views, the hill areas of the Neelum River in the vigorously dense green forests, striking rivers, and captivating surroundings make the valley veracity.

This Valley is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan due to its lush foliage, fountains, tributaries, rivers, lakes, and ignored mountains. However, some famous places to visit when you are in the area are Athmuqam, Noori top, Karen, Neelum, Kutton Jagran, and Sharda ( Having The Oldest University of Sub-Continent), Hamlet, Arrang Kel, Taobut, and many more.

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10.  Ratti Gali Lake

Even though the lake is in the valley itself but its breathtaking scenery compelled me to mention it in a separate heading.

The Peak and Lake Patrick are two new Neelum Valley attractions. 4X4 vehicles can reach Ratti Gali, Patlian, and Baboon easily. You ought to sit on the ‘charpai’ and have some fritters on the water.

11.  Phandar Valley, Ghize

The colorful rivers and scattered coppices of the scenic Phandar Valley are in no need of an introduction. The vistas, like the atmosphere, are breathtaking. The first view of the valley will revitalize you and take away all your journey’s weariness.

Fishing, swimming, camping, and hiking are all popular activities in this Valley. Phandar Lake is surrounded by poplar trees and offers breathtaking views. The bright blue, quiet water of this lake provides a fantastic boating experience.

12.  Naran Kaghan

The Naran Kaghan Valley, located in the northeastern Mansehra district, is recognized for its wonderful natural landscape.

It is also one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the beautiful Hazara district. Shogran, Jared, Naran, Saif ul Mulook, Dudipatsar, Lulu Sar Lake, Babusar Top, and many other sites to visit are all lovely and fascinating.

13. Swat Valley

Rising along the chain of Hindu Kush. Swat is one of the best tourist destinations in Pakistan. Above all, the Alps have green woods and green meadows, as well as snow-capped summits, which provide endless beauty.

The Swat Valley is also known as the “East Switzerland.” Mahodand Valley & Lake, Natural Ushu Valley and Forest, Malam Jabba (famed for the ski resort), Madyan, Bonir, Der, Swat & Kalam Valleys, and many more natural landscapes are a must-visit.

14. Pir Ghaib (The Invisible Saint) Waterfalls – Bolan

The scenery of Pir Ghaib, Baluchistan, is magnificent. Here the locals believe in the lore of the Invisible Saint (Pir Ghaib), who was rescued by the Almighty after being assailed by a wicked King’s troops. Believe it or not, the Saint walloped a stick in the peak from which water continues to pour.

15. Moola Chotok – Khuzdar

Moola Chotok appeared to be a desperate cause at first, hemmed in by nationalist strongholds in the Jhalawan belt. But since it has been freed by the military operations in the Khuzdar region. It is now open to tourists to view immeasurable beauty. You can either take a day trip and enjoy the gorgeous waterfall or stay in camps for the night.

16.  Ziarat

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of the Nation, used to spend his days of sickness in this wooden cottage in Ziarat, Baluchistan. Which has definitely become one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations. The location is historically significant and is a great place to unwind while visiting Ziarat.

17. Hannah Jheel (Hannah Lake and Urrak)

In winters, the Hannah Lake is ice-covered, freezing, yet breathtaking. People from all over Pakistan when come to Quetta, they fancy stopping here. Hannah Lake, which is just 18 kilometers from the city, is the ultimate getaway for locals as well.

18. Waadi-e-Bolan

Waadi-e-Bolan is a protracted mountain gorge with clear streams meandering through it. The site is historically substantial as well as stunning. British constructed Pakistan’s first railway system here, as well as the settlement that houses the shrines of Pir Ghaib and Bibi Naani is situated here.

19. Hingol National Park

Though nominally located in Pakistan, Hingol National Park appears to be on Mars. The park, which spans an area of more than 6,000 square kilometers, is home to countless animal species, enormous canyons, and even a mud volcano.

Additionally, the National Park adds the ocean to its other advantages because a portion of it borders the shore. Pakistanis shouldn’t have any issues visiting the park, but visitors’ experiences have been inconsistent. Others were only allowed day authorization, while others who were accompanied by locals were permitted to stay overnight or over the weekend in the park. Having access to your own car is essential because there is no public transit that goes to the park.

20. Kund Malir Beach

How did the infamous Kund Malir Beach manage to avoid this list? It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and economical destinations to visit in Pakistan. Many people who began visiting Kund Malir and travel businesses from Karachi have taken as much money as they can from it in the previous few years. Still, anything that makes Baluchistan less dangerous-looking to foreigners helps.

21. Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa is an amazing natural ecosystem in the middle of the desert plains with a magical story to tell. Thousands of exotic fish live in the water in this breathtaking paradise. According to folklore, if you capture or eat one of Pir Chattal’s fish, you will either perish from poisoning or the fish will come out alive and in one piece. This myth is what made this place a trendy tourist destination in Pakistan.

22. Astola Island

Astola Island, or Jezira Haft Talar Satadip or ‘Island of the Seven Hills,’ is a small unpopulated island in the Arabian Sea. It is also Pakistan’s largest island and the quintessence of Baluchistan’s underappreciated beauty. A fantastic vacationer attraction indeed.

23. Jhal Magsi Desert Rally

Want to go dessert safari, you don’t need to grab a ticket to Dubai as Jhal Magsi will fill the bill really nicely. Eminent for its desert safari and yearly desert rally, Jhal Magsi attracts a hefty number of visitors and sponsors each year. Rally enthusiasts from all across Pakistan gather in one location to stay till the rally is over. For off-road fanatics, the desert-like grasslands of Jhal Magsi provide the best course in Pakistan.

24. Gwadar

Take in the breathtaking vistas of the Arabian Sea’s beautiful seas while overlooking the Gawadar port. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you can also visit the famed Hammerhead; a massive rock formation formed by a mud volcano eruption.

It is the perfect place for scuba diving and if that’s not your thing, you can go fishing or explore the waterways to see dolphins and turtles. Other fascinating tourist attractions include Omara Beach, the Baluchistan Sphinx, the Princess of Hope statue, and Hingol National Park.

25. Deosai Plains National Park

Deosai is frequently referred to as the world’s roof. And it sort of is. The enormous plateau, which is the second-highest on Earth at 4,117 metres (13,497 feet), is only actually accessible in the summer.

Visitors who travel to this stunning location are greeted with sprawling emerald meadows, snow-capped hills, and sparkling blue lakes. Watch out for them if you’re camping; the Himalayan Brown Bear makes Deosai home and has been seen by several tourists.

In the End

This is our list of best Pakistani tourist places to visit in 2023, it was quite hard for us to choose just 25 as most of the state encompasses stunning natural beauties and this is just a small taste of what it has to offer. I highly recommend you to check out at least some of these gems. If you have no one to go with or are worried about your budget, don’t be as Nedian Adventure Club offer some amazing budget-friendly packages for different types of people. No matter if you are a couple on a honeymoon a big family looking for customized trips or just a backpack traveler, we have something that would suit you just right!

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