Best Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan

Does your New Year’s resolution revolve around exploring the hidden gems in Pakistan? Perfect! So is ours! But do you know which place we would recommend over and over again? Gilgit, Pakistan, as you can enjoy the best places and tourist attractions. Gilgit Baltistan is known for its aromatic smells of roses, apricot, and apples. You can also know Gilgit Baltistan because of its beautifully painted trucks and beautifully colored dresses with a headpiece.

Visiting Gilgit can help you enjoy the eye-catching view, natural beauty, dusty plains, extravagant mountains, snowy peaks, dazzling lakes, and more all in one place. Also, the people in Gilgit are amazing with a very different culture and tons of love to give, let’s look at some of the best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan.

15 Best Places to Visit in Gilgit Baltistan

Here is a list of the 15 best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan, let’s check them out and let us know your favorite one.


1.     Hunza Valley:

This magnificent valley is not only the most beautiful place in Gilgit Baltistan but also in all of Pakistan. Hunza Valley is also famous because of its historical background and cultural significance, along with the late king’s fortresses which results in an increasing number of its visitors every year.

When visiting the place you will find Hunza to be an astonishing valley with snowy-peaked mountains. If you do end up going there remember to try the fruits, dry fruits, and also the natural herbs and teas the street kiosk offers up.

2.     Attabad Lake:

Attabad Lake is one of the top reasons to visit Gilgit Baltistan. Attabad Lake, also known as Gojal Lake, came into being because of land sliding in the valley of Hunza. Now, Attabad Lake is known for its extreme beauty and thus attracts national as well as international tourists from all over the world.

If you are someone who just adores water bodies, boating, sunset, or sunrises this lake is a must-have on your bucket list. Let me tell you a secret as well, the lake changes color when you change an angle to look at it. Isn’t it one of the most amazing God’s creations ever?

Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes found in Gilgit Baltistan. So, if you want to enjoy the amazing experience of viewing a lake that changes color with a change in angle, you can visit Gilgit Baltistan. It’s the perfect place for a honeymoon couple to enjoy their honeymoon tour with breathtaking views from Luxus Hunza and other hotels at the lake.

3.     Naltar Valley:

Like Hunza Valley, the Naltar valley of Gilgit Baltistan is also a very famous tourist point. Here the main attraction is its mind-blowing mountains. Even though the path to this valley is difficult, when you do, you can forget all the inconveniences that came your way.

Naltar valley is also one of the best places for skiing in Pakistan because of its snow-capped mountains. So, if you want to try this adventure, you can visit Naltar valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

4.     Passu Glacier:

Passu Glacier is one of the coldest areas in Gilgit Baltistan, it is a completely white mountain with glaciers between them, making it a scene out of a Christmas movie. Passu is a dream come true for anyone that loves the white landscape. You can put your stay at Passu Village which is quite nearby and has many amenities for a city person to experience.

5.     K2 Museum:

If you have a love for art, history, and culture and are fascinated by the world’s second-highest peak, you should definitely visit this museum. K2 museum is a unique museum because of its tent-like shape. Visiting this museum can help you explore different expedition maps and the local culture of Gilgit Baltistan. You can also see different historical photos and documentaries of the mountain in the K2 museum.

6.     Hussaini Hanging Bridge:

This is one of the most mesmerizing bridges in Gilgit Baltistan. However, it is also called one of the most dangerous bridges in the entire world. Pakistani, as well as international tourists, visit Hussaini Hanging Bridge every year for the adrenaline rush that comes from it.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge is in Hunza valley. It is just made up of a rope and wood. Tourists find it difficult to cross this bridge but visit this place to enjoy an adventure. But fret not! This bridge won’t fall easily, don’t believe us? Just look at how the locals cross it every single day and decide.

7.     Chalt:

Have you ever been to a place where two continental plates collide? If not, you can visit Chalt in Gilgit Baltistan. It is the collision of the two continental plates that have given rise to the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains. So, if you want to visit the highest and the smallest mountains in the world, you can visit Chalt.

8.     Rainbow Lake:

If you want to visit a mesmerizing place in Gilgit Baltistan, you can visit Rainbow Lake. This lake is present near Domel Village, in Astor. You can see this lake changing its colors during the entire day, and hence named Rainbow Lake.

The most loved color change of the lake is from green to turquoise. So, I would personally recommend you enjoy this natural phenomenon and consider visiting Rainbow Lake in Gilgit Baltistan.

9.     Rakaposhi Glacier:

Rakaposhi glacier is a zero-point tourist spot. This tourist spot is found in Nagar valley. You can easily reach this place as it is free from any type of inconvenience or road blockage.

This place can help you enjoy the mountainous view in winter. Visiting this place can help you enjoy capturing some lovely photos for your Instagram.

10.  Baltit fort:

Baltit Fort is a famous fort found in the Hunza Valley. It was home to the rulers when they were alive; this adds more to its popularity. It is an old fort with a historical background. That’s why most tourists want to visit Baltit Fort.

You can see a lot of tourists visiting Baltit Fort and taking snaps of the lifestyle of Pakistani royals when they are in Gilgit Baltistan.

11.  Gupis Valley:

This beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan is found near the Gilgit river. Gupis Valley is known for its breathtaking views. You can also find beautiful landscapes like forests, fields, rivers, and lakes with changing colors.

It is also house of many fishermen that gives you the experience of having fresh fish in this area. So, whether you want to eat fish or enjoy fishing, you can visit Gupis Valley. You can also find a dark blue lake over here that helps in adding more to the charm of this place.

12.  Chaqchan Mosque:

This mosque is present in the famous valley of Khaplu. The architecture of the Chaqchan mosque follows Kashmiri design. Recently, this mosque has undergone restoration. This calls for a lot of visitors to Chaqchan Mosque. So, if you want to visit a mosque with heritage value, you can visit Chaqchan.

13.  Astore Valley:

This valley is another beautiful valley in Gilgit Baltistan. Astore Valley is present in the Astore district of Gilgit. The entrance of this valley is a courtyard. If you want to enjoy spell-bounding views, this place is for you.

It carries such amazing views and greenery that you may never want to go back from here.

14.  Hushe Valley:

You can visit Hushe Valley in Gilgit Baltistan if you love hiking and rock climbing. Visiting this place is just like visiting Heaven because of its beauty. You can find a lot of rock climbers visiting Hushe Valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

15.  Sacred Rocks of Hunza:

This is one of the most visited places in Gilgit Baltistan. This place is famous for its religious significance as the rocks date back to the Buddha culture. So, if you want to learn more about the Buddha civilization, you can visit this place.


The entire Gilgit Baltistan is a must-see, but the above 15 places have a piece of my heart with them. Do visit and enjoy the magnificence of nature and culture. If you are unsure about traveling and planning your trip then you can always choose Nedian Adventure Club to organize your Pakistan tour or customize if you want to add more places to visit in pakistan.

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