Traveling in Pakistan is a genuinely unique experience; it may be challenging, illuminating, inspiring, and, most frequently, surprising. Pakistan is the ideal backpacking location, so if you enjoy genuine adventure, it’s time for you to travel to Pakistan!

Why you should choose Balochistan as your next vacation? Balochistan is the perfect vacation spot for those who can’t get enough of the wilderness. Whether it is sand beaches, secret oasis, milky waterfalls, or enigmatic plateaus, the province is extraordinarily blessed and home to the nation’s most beautiful natural assets. Here are some of the most amazing places in Balochistan that you can plan your next vacation to:

Kund Malir

Kund Malir Beach is one of the most famous places in Balochistan. It is undoubtedly among the most popular tourist spots in the country. Kund Malir is the ideal location to visit in Balochistan if you’re looking for stunning beaches.Due to the vast sandy beaches and deep blue water of the Arabian Sea, Kund Malir is also referred to as the desert beach. The beach’s water is soothing and crystal clear, and the sand by the water’s edge makes your heart dance. This tourism destination has drawn a lot of Karachittes and people from other parts of Pakistan.

Princess of Hope

Princess of Hope is one of the top places to visit in Balochistan. This princess sculpture naturally carved out of rock will undoubtedly attract your attention. It can be viewed as one travels down the Mekran Coastal Highway through the Buzzi pass. Another naturally created rock sculpture, known as the Balochistan Sphinx, is similar to a princess. The name actually refers to a sphinx.


Ziarat is a must-see for anyone interested in exploring the most beautiful places in Balochistan. It is home to the famous Ziarat residency, where the nation’s founder, Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah spent his final days.Ziarat features everything from verdant valleys to snow-capped mountains. It is the ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation if you’re trying to escape the rush of city life. Ziarat is the ideal place for a quiet vacation because it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and has a calm atmosphere. In Ziarat, you can do many different things, such as hiking, trekking, and exploring the many caves and waterfalls in the area. The Chiltan National Park, Pakistan’s largest man-made forest, is also located there and is a fantastic location to see unusual wildlife.

Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake, also known as Hanna Jheel, exhibits the natural beauty of the nation. This place is also only a few minutes’ drive from Quetta. In recent years, a drought-like situation nearly caused Hanna Lake to dry up, but thanks to a recent change in weather, the lake is now refilled with water. Not many know about the history of this lake and it’s formation.During the British colonial era, the reservoir was built, which led to the creation of this now famous lake. Hanna Lake also has a waterfront restaurant that is located in the shadows of pine trees, making it one of the best picnic points in Balochistan.

Astola Island

Astola Island is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea. It is sometimes called the “Island of the Seven Hills.” It is the largest island in Pakistan and a great example of the beauty of Balochistan that doesn’t get enough attention. Due to its isolation, Astola Island has managed to preserve its indigenous wildlife. It is a crucial location for endemic life. In addition to that, it is home to a sizable population of breeding water birds as well as a great deal of other species. Indeed, Astola Island is one of the must visits in Balochistan. 

Hingol National Park

Hingol, which is Pakistan’s largest national park, is in the Lasbela District and covers a huge 6,100 square kilometers of land. If you are coming from Karachi, make sure not to miss the scenic Makran Coastal Highway, which was created in 2004 and is one of the famous tourist places in Balochistan. Hingol National Park will undoubtedly provide you with a glimpse into the wild, with rich green flora fauna, animals, and many other species that you would not have seen elsewhere. The park was created to safeguard its captivating beauty and fauna. You can visit a number of other famous places in Balochistan that are close to the park.


Khuzdar, a small town in central Balochistan, serves as the district’s capital. It is surrounded by mountains and has a beautiful lake. Khuzdar is a well-liked vacation spot for people trying to get away from the rush of city life. Khuzdar Lake, Khuzdar Fort, and Khuzdar Museum are some of the city’s well-known tourist attractions. The beautiful Khuzdar Lake is surrounded by mountains, making it an ideal location for hiking and picnicking. The Khuzdar Fort is a historic fort that the British constructed while they were in charge of India, and the Khuzdar Museum is a fantastic resource for learning about Balochistan’s history and culture.

 Sonmiani Beach

Sonmiani Beach is located in the Lasbela District of Balochistan province. It is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and is located in Sonmiani Bay. However, the beach is under the control of the Pakistani army. Which means that the beach is well preserved and strictly controlled. But if you could get access to thisA popular tourist place in Balochistan, the beach is just over two hours’ drive from Karachi. You can also witness a magnificent sunset as well as a lovely sunrise, both of which are equally beautiful. 

These are our top picks for the best places to visit in Balochistan, but personally, I really enjoyed my trip to Ziarat. 

 So which of these locations will you plan your next trip to?